Carrington Daycare Calgary

Who We Are

Welcome to Little Steps! We offer daycare, out of school care and preschool classes to families in and around the Calgary and Airdrie area. Contact us at any one of our locations to learn more!

We believe that children grow and learn best when they are happy and having fun, and true learning happens not through our teaching, but through creation of a space, environment, and opportunity to play. Through child-led, inquiry-based activities, we provide children opportunities to learn in their own way, choose their own tasks, and work at their own pace. 

We support child-centred environments because they…

  • link concepts to experiences,
  • control the environment, not the little people in it,
  • make a commitment to understanding the research that impacts our profession,
  • believe that there is not a one-size fits all formula that can be applied to each child, each time, in each situation,
  • engage and connect with children,
  • are the hardest way to be because it takes passion, dedication and commitment on the part of all grown-ups involved!

We are committed to establishing a positive and communicative relationship with children and their families and believe that this is essential in creating an atmosphere of respect and trust. We recognize that our purpose is to support the communities we serve and the families in our care. We share with you the opportunity and responsibility of caring for your child and welcome your involvement and ideas throughout your child’s stay at Little Steps.

We are confident that our child-centered philosophy, outstanding educators, and unparalleled level of communication will provide you with the best possible early education and childcare experience!