Riverbend Preschool


Little Steps Preschool Riverbend is located inside the Riverbend Community Centre in southeast Calgary and is conveniently located near some of Calgary’s major roadways including Glenmore Trail, Barlow Trail, and Deerfoot Trail.

This Little Steps centre offers preschool classes for children ages 2 to 5 years. Our large open classroom is designed to meet the needs of your child with developmentally appropriate materials purposely set-up to evoke exploration and discovery. Visitors entering our preschool for the first time consistently comment that the look and feel of our classroom is unlike other preschools they have seen.

By respecting our environment as the “third teacher,” we strive to offer our students a uniquely warm, inviting, and child-centred atmosphere where they are free to explore, discover, and grow at their own pace and in their own way.

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To visit our Riverbend preschool and learn more about our program, REQUEST A TOUR.

A Typical Day At Little Steps Preschool

​Free Play:
This is creative, child-led activity time where students are encouraged to learn and explore through inquiry, play-based activities in all areas of development, including art, music, science, mathematics and early literacy.

Students let their creativity and imagination flow as they take part in an art activity. They experiment with different textures, mediums and open-ended materials to develop their fine motor skills and communicate or represent their understandings, emotions, discoveries, and interests. With art time, we focus on the process of creation, not the end result.

Gathering Time:
Students come together to develop a wide range of skills and attitudes such as confidence, self-esteem, discussion, listening, taking turns, patience and respect for others. We sing songs, listen to music, play games, read stories, and prepare for, and reflect on, our day.

Jolly Phonics:
Jolly Phonics is a world-leading English literacy method that teaches children how to read and write using the sounds that letters make, rather than the names of letters. Children learn how to read and write in a fun and engaging way, through characters, stories, actions, songs and games!

This provides students with opportunities to practice manners, good hygiene, and conversational skills while promoting healthy eating.



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